10 Realizations You'll Have During a Phoenix Winter

Yesterday was the first day of Winter, which means there are some realities about Winter in Phoenix that you'll have to accept.

Here are 10 realizations you'll have during a Winter in Phoenix:

10.) You Have to Find Where You Placed That One Sweater You Own

How many long-sleeved shirts do I own? Oh, one.

9.) There Are Snowbirds Up in Here!

Everywhere, don'tcha know? 8.) You Want the Summer Heat Back

That's a lunatic thought.

7.) This Looks Nothing Like Winter

Phoenix always has that "business as usual" look about it. 6.) It Must Suck to Be in Chicago Right Now

Or almost anywhere else. Maybe not Miami.

5.) How Do You Turn on the Heater?

Do I even own a heater? I have a heater, right? 4.) I Could Probably Survive for 15 Minutes in Alaska

After you realize you're complaining about cold weather in Phoenix.

3.) Snow Isn't Coming

Sorry. 2.) People Are Ridiculously Overdressed for the Weather Conditions

It's 50 degrees, and people are wearing gloves, ski jackets, and knit hats. People in Wisconsin wear t-shirts at 50 degrees.

1.) More Than Once, You Will Hear, "You Don't Have to Shovel Sunshine"


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