Arizona Cardinals Game Risks Blackout -- Again!

Arizona Cardinals Game Risks Blackout -- Again!

Any big plans for the weekend? Going to the mall? Golf? Bed Bath and Beyond?

Here's something you may not be doing: Watching the Cardinals game on television!

For the second time in three home games, this Sunday's Cardinals game risks getting blacked out because Phoenix sports fans are too busy (or too poor) to show up.

Keep in mind, the only home game the Cards didn't have trouble selling out thus far was a Sunday night game against Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. It's probably fair to say Peyton could have sold that one out himself.

The Cards, despite nearly winning the Super Bowl last season, almost failed to sell out their home opener against the 49ers, but were bailed out by an extension granted by league officials.

The Cards will be hosting the Houston Texans on Sunday and unlike the Colts, the Texans don't have a Peyton Manning to attract the masses.

Oh, not to mention that the Texans haven't had a winning season since joining the league in 2002.

As of Tuesday, there were 1,500 unsold tickets, and if they aren't sold by tomorrow afternoon, we can kiss watching the game on the tube goodbye.

You can purchase tickets here.

Come on folks, we understand it's only the Texans, but at least that means there's a chance the Cards might win one.


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