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The Cardinals stink but at least State Farm Stadium second-cheapest in NFL

As the Arizona Cardinals tank another season, consider this: Their Glendale stadium offers one of the best game day bargains in pro football.
State Farm Stadium provides the second-cheapest game day experience among NFL stadiums.
State Farm Stadium provides the second-cheapest game day experience among NFL stadiums. John Martinez Pavliga/CC BY 2.0/Flickr
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The correlation between what you pay for and receive isn't always on par. Still, a recent study suggests that attending an Arizona Cardinals game at State Farm Stadium might offer a ticket price that aligns with the team's expected on-field performance — cut-rate.

Between the price of admission, food, drinks and parking costs, attending an NFL game can quickly add up. But in some places, the bill is extraordinarily higher than in others. According to a recent analysis by, State Farm Stadium, home to the Arizona Cardinals, is the second-cheapest game day experience in the NFL.
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State Farm Stadium decked out for the Super Bowl in February.
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Costs of game day

The methodology behind the analysis began by examining various costs associated with attending games at each of the 30 NFL stadiums nationwide. Only Paycor Stadium, home to the Cincinnati Bengals, is less expensive than the Cardinals home in Glendale.

With a seating capacity of 61,515, an average ticket price of $82.02, a low cost of concessions (including $5.53 beers and hotdogs for $5.66), and an average parking fee of around $11.60 per vehicle, no fan in the league is getting a better bang for their buck than Bengals supporters. Total game day experience: $104.81.

In contrast, the study found the most expensive NFL stadium experience at Allegiant Stadium, home to the Las Vegas Raiders. The stadium seats 65,000. A hotdog there will set you back $3 and a beer is $10. Parking costs, on average, cost a whopping $40.70. Total game day experience: $207.17

Compared to Vegas, State Farm Stadium was downright budget-friendly for the 63,400 Cardinals fans it can hold. The average price of a ticket is $84.83, while the usual parking costs $22.22, according to the study. The average beer sold at State Farm is $7 — which is seventh cheapest among the stadiums — and a hotdog can be had, on average, for $4.75. Total game day experience: $118.80.

Misery loves company at Cardinals games, but at least the beer is only $7.
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State Farm Stadium was packed to the rafters for Taylor Swift's show on March 17.
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Price of regression

With starting quarterback Kyler Murray still recovering from a torn ACL/meniscus and guaranteed to not play for weeks, the Cardinals are a shell of the hopeful contenders they were just a few months ago.

Couple Murray's injury concerns with the recent offseason release of wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and it's likely a good thing the team isn't asking fans to pay more to show up for home games.

If, and hopefully, when, the Cardinals get their house in order and once again compete for an NFC title, fans will happily pay more to cheer on the home team. Until then, the price is right to cheer on the birds.
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