Bizarre Disappearance: Missing Canadian Last Seen in Tempe. Was Supposed to Go Back to Canada Monday

A Canadian man was only supposed to be in the Valley for a "short visit." He was supposed to head back to Canada on Monday, but he apparently didn't -- and now he's missing.

David James McMillan, 35, of Vancouver, British Columbia, was staying with friends in the 3500 block of South McClintock Drive, which is where he was last seen early Monday, about 1:30 a.m.

According to the Tempe Police Department, McMillan left his ID at his friend's home, and does not have access to a vehicle.

Law enforcement agencies across the state, as well as the Canadian consulate, have been notified that McMillan is missing.

Tempe police tell New Times McMillan was in town to DJ an event for friends. In addition to leaving his ID, he also left his luggage.

His friends, according to a missing person post on Craigslist, say they suspect he has no money on him.

"Dave spun at Lingerieve 5 and stayed at a friend's house. His friend and others left Sunday evening but Dave stayed behind because he was tired. When his friend returned, Dave was gone," the post, which can be seen here, says.

McMillan is described as a 36-year-old white male. He has black hair and blue eyes. He is about 5-foot-10 and about 190 pounds. McMillan was last seen wearing a red shirt and black cargo shorts.

Anyone with any information about McMillan's whereabouts is asked to call the Tempe Police Department at 480-350-8311.

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