David Seimon Claims Leaving His Baby "Soaked in Sweat" Inside Locked Truck Was No Accident

A pair of Valley motorists, on separate occasions, have smoked weed and apparently forgotten they had their children with them in the last week or so.

First it was 19-year-old Catalina Clouser, who was getting high on June 1 before she buckled up her baby into her car seat and drove away -- realizing 12 miles down the road that she never put her kid inside the car. The result was that child was dumped in the middle of a Phoenix intersection.

This weekend, it was 27-year-old David Seimon who hit the reefer and mismanaged his children.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies were called at 8:31 p.m. about a baby locked inside a truck at a Mesa apartment complex.

Nine minutes later, some deputies showed up -- finding the truck locked, with the windows rolled up and kiddo inside. Seimon came out five minutes after that to claim ownership of the baby locked in his truck.

According to the documents, the little girl -- born in December -- was "soaked in sweat and crying" inside the vehicle.

Seimon told deputies he went inside his friend's place for "five minutes" and claimed he didn't forget the girl in the truck; he said he didn't want to wake her up because she was sleeping.

A deputy's report notes that she was in the kind of car seat that can be removed and carried around.

Seimon told deputies that he did manage to take his other kid inside his friend's apartment, but he said he thought it out and decided it'd be a good idea to leave his daughter in the truck.

Seimon said he guessed it was only 80 degrees outside -- Weather Channel says it was between 87 and 89 degrees at that time and zip code. He added that he was watching out the window to make sure she was all right, but he somehow missed the deputies around his truck looking inside and checking the doors.

It might seem like a small victory that he remembered to take one kid out of the truck, but police say, when Seimon walked out of his friend's apartment, deputies whiffed "an overwhelming odor of marijuana."

Deputies called up the Mrs. to pick up the kiddos, and she told deputies that her husband "smokes marijuana every day, and she does not like it," according to the documents.

She'd already left work early because she couldn't get a hold of her husband.

Medical attention was necessary for the baby, but the deputy notes in the report that it's unknown whether she suffered any injuries.

Seimon also informed police that he would flee the country if he was looking at a prison sentence.

He was jailed on one felony child-abuse charge.

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