Jessica Callaway Had Trouble Deciding on Outfit Friday Night -- So She Beat Her Infant Daughter Before Blowing Weed Smoke in Her Mouth

Jessica Callaway, 21, was caught on video Friday telling her 10-month-old baby to "shut the fuck up before I kick you in the mouth" as the infant was laying on the floor of her Gilbert home. Then she hit the baby in the face several times, apparently to get the child to stop crying.

That was just one of Callaway's alleged methods of soothing her crying baby -- another of her tactics includes blowing weed smoke in the baby's mouth.

She later told police the reason she was so frustrated with the baby's crying was because she was "having a bad day," and "having trouble finding an outfit to wear out that night."

According to court documents obtained by New Times, on Friday night, Callaway was trying to get dressed to go out. As she was picking out an outfit, the baby was laying on the floor of her bedroom crying.

On video recorded by a friend, Callaway is seen walking into the room and immediately picking the baby up by her leg and spanking her. She then told the baby "shut the fuck up before I kick you in the mouth."

Then Callaway is seen hitting the baby in the face repeatedly.

That same day, Callaway and a friend were smoking pot in the same room as the baby. Her friend later told police that in order to get the infant to stop crying, Callaway blew some of the weed smoke directly in the baby's mouth.

The friend noted the baby seemed thirsty after ingesting some of the weed.

Callaway was interviewed by police on Saturday. She told detectives about her bad day, and difficulty picking out an outfit, which she says is why she hit the baby. She claims she didn't hit the baby hard enough to leave a mark, though.

Callaway admitted to blowing weed smoke in the baby's mouth, saying she did so in order to get the girl to stop crying.

Callaway was booked on three counts of child abuse. She was released from jail on $2,700 bond. He next court appearance is scheduled for Thursday.

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