John McCain and Sarah Palin Call for "Peaceful Revolution" to Repeal "Obamacare"

You betchya Sarah Palin was in Arizona today, and the former GOP vice presidential candidate used a campaign event for her former running mate, John McCain, to kick off the "revolution" against the healthcare reform bill signed by President Obama earlier this week.

McCain and Palin appeared together at the Pima County Fairgrounds this morning to drum up support for McCain's primary campaign against former Congressman J.D. Hayworth.

Palin and McCain -- for the most part -- avoided discussing Hayworth at the event, but rather used the appearance to bash the healthcare bill.

"There's something going on out there, my friends, there's something going on, and it's a revolution," McCain told a crowd of about 5,000. "It's a peaceful revolution, but we're going to take on this Obamacare."

Palin, who earlier this week set up a Congressional hit list against 20 Democratic members of Congress who voted in favor of the bill, including three Arizona representatives, took a swipe at what she is now calling the "lame-stream media" for portraying members of the Tea Party movement as violent radicals.

"Let me clear the air right now," Palin told the crowd. "We might as well call it like we see it. In respect to the Tea Party Movement -- the beautiful movement -- everyone here today [is] part of that movement. . . We are all that Tea Party movement."


Palin's campaigning for McCain is intended to steer some of Arizona's more conservative voters toward "The Maverick," who otherwise might be attracted to the ultra-conservative Hayworth.

We contacted the Hayworth campaign to see how they're coping with losing the support of America's conservative darling, but they haven't gotten back to us.

Palin will be in the Valley tomorrow to continue stumping for McCain. The pair will appear at Dobson High School in Mesa -- the same school that made headlines last year when President Obama made a stop there to unveil his housing plan.

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