Kingman Teenager Posts on Facebook About Killing Little Kids at School

On the day 27 people, including 20 children, were murdered by a gunman in Connecticut, a Kingman teenager announced on Facebook that he was "down" to kill multiple children at a school.

According to a Mohave County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman, the teenager explained to deputies that he was "being stupid and he doesn't want to harm anyone."

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The Sheriff's Office received an anonymous tip on Saturday about the post, which was made the day prior, and deputies started searching for the teenager.

Yesterday, the teen's father called the Sheriff's Office, and said he son wanted to turn himself in.

He was arrested yesterday afternoon on an outstanding warrant, but deputies questioned him about that Facebook post.

A Sheriff's Office spokeswoman told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which identified the teenager as Victor Alvarado Jr., that the post said, "I'm down to go to school and kill a bunch of little kids."

The spokeswoman did not immediately return New Times' call for details.

He explained to deputies that he didn't actually harm anyone, and was just being "stupid." The Sheriff's Office says the case was forwarded to the Mohave County Attorney's Office for review.

Meanwhile, he was booked into juvie on the warrant.


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