Little League Umpire Company Rips Off Umpires for More Than $25K

A Payson couple is in some hot water today after being arrested for swindling more than $25,000 from 35 Little League umpires the pair employed.

William Werner, 44, and wife, Bonnie Huffman, 40, owners of Arizona Desert Umpires, were contracted to provide east Valley Little League games with umpires.

The couple succeeded in providing the umpires but failed miserably when it came to paying them, police say.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, the umpires who got scammed range from high school students to retirees.

Werner and Huffman were paid $36,000 to provide umpires for the games but still owe the umpires who actually officiated the games more than $25,000.

Always on the side of justice, Sheriff Joe Arpaio offered his two-cents on the matter.

"It is a sad day when these types of criminals start taking advantage of a great American pass time like little league baseball," Arpaio says in a statement.

We're assuming the sheriff means pastime.

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