Marriage Proposals at Diamondbacks, Suns, Cardinals, and Coyotes Games, Ranked

Anyone who has ever been to a live game has probably seen some sort of marriage proposal.

Love 'em or hate 'em, game proposals can actually cost quite a bit of money depending on the stadium. So in case you're thinking of popping the question at your favorite team's home turf, here are the cost and benefits of proposing, from least to most expensive, for each of the Valley's professional sports teams.

4.) Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury

Proposal price: $50 for Suns, $25 for Mercury
Money benefits: Phoenix Suns/Mercury Charity
Benefits: None
Proposals per game: Up to 12
Competitiveness: Low

Around 350 people ask the big question each season during Suns games and 150 during Mercury games, so potential proposers have a much better chance at one of Arizona's basketball teams compared to the other sports. However, they don't film the proposal: your message will pop up on the scoreboard during the third or fourth quarter. While it's cheaper and less competitive, it takes away a bit of the magic from the moment when you're one in a line of 12 proposing at a game.

3.) Phoenix Coyotes

Proposal price: $75, minus the proposal
Money benefits: Coyotes Charity
Benefits: N/A
Proposals per game: N/A
Competitiveness: N/A

That's right, the Coyotes don't offer proposals. They've done proposals in the past and may offer them again next season, but for now, don't go looking to the Coyotes to pop the question. They do still offer scoreboard messages, so if you can sneak around the rule by attempting to declare your undying love in 35 characters or less, power to you.

2.) Arizona Cardinals

Proposal price: $100
Money benefits: Cardinals Charities
Benefits: None
Proposals per game: No set number
Competitiveness: Medium

Similar to the Suns, the Cardinals display proposals on the scoreboard, but they don't provide video coverage. Proposals are still competitive, at 10-15 per season, but the Cardinals are willing to work with folks in order to accommodate everyone. But if a simple message just doesn't cut it, the University of Phoenix stadium offers a proposal package in the form of a private tour, complete with flowers, champagne, and personalized jerseys as additional options.

1.) Arizona Diamondbacks

Proposal price: $250
Money benefits: Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation
Benefits: Commemorative DVD of proposal
Proposals per game: One per home stand
Competitiveness: High

The D-Backs have the highest proposal rate in the Valley, but they are the only Valley team that films the big moment, so thousands of people will watch and cheer as your true love (hopefully) says yes. The D-Backs top off the deal with a DVD documenting the proposal. But because they only do one proposal per home stand, proposals need to be booked far in advance. Six of the 13 available spots are already booked for this season, so if you're planning on popping the question at a game this year, better start planning the perfect proposal.

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