Phoenix Suns Holding Auditions For "Golden Grannies" Dance Team

The Phoenix Suns are inviting twinkle-toed geriatrics in the Phoenix area to head over to the U.S. Airways Arena this Saturday and bust-a-move with the hopes of joining the team's elderly dance squad, the "Golden Grannies."

If selected, each Granny will have the distinguished honor of performing dance routines during half-time at select Suns home games.


Competition is pretty fierce -- last year the Grannies had more than 50 old ladies audition for fewer than 18 spots.

The 2008-2009 Grannies got to perform during last year's NBA All-Star game, too.

Organizers are looking for energetic seniors who aren't afraid to perform in front of large crowds.

Auditions will be held this Saturday at the Casino Arizona Pavilion at the US Airways Center. Tryouts begin at 1:30 p.m., so don't worry ladies, you'll probably be able to make it home on time for those mid-afternoon Golden Girls re-runs on Lifetime.     

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