Road-Rage Incident: Man Pulls Gun -- but So Did the Other Guy

When 56-year-old Mitchell Fickes grabbed his gun and jumped out of his pickup truck to express his apparent road rage to the man in the truck in front of him on Saturday, he probably didn't expect his fellow motorist to also have a gun. But this is Arizona, so of course the other driver had a gun -- and he fatally shot Fickes in the face.

Fickes was driving eastbound on Williams Field and Market Square roads near the San Tan Mall, when he jumped out of his Ford pickup truck -- gun in hand -- and approached the driver of the truck stopped in front of him.

Bad move.

The 23-year-old Gilbert man in the pickup truck also pulled out his gun, and shot Fickes several times, including once in the face.

Witnesses, police say, said it appeared to be an act of road rage. Fickes later died at a Scottsdale hospital.

An undercover police officer was near the scene and immediately took the shooter into custody. However, he was released after police determined that the shooting was in self-defense.

Police say the case will be sent to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for review.

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