Steve Kerr Won't Be Back As Phoenix Suns GM Next Season

Steve Kerr is out as the Phoenix Suns director of basketball operations and general manager.

The move, announced this afternoon by the team, shouldn't come as a big surprise to Suns fans.

Kerr's contract was up June 30, and it wasn't looking like the former Arizona Wildcat sharpshooter would stick around the Valley. He said on the Suns Web site that he would return to broadcasting.

Kerr was hired by the Suns back in June 2007 after working for TNT as a game analyst.

During his time as the Suns general manager, Kerr sure wasn't afraid to wheel and deal in hopes of bringing a title to Phoenix.

In February 2008, Kerr, along with owner Robert Sarver, traded Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks to Miami for Shaquille O'Neal.

The result: Suns eliminated in the first round.

The next season. Kerr continued to tinker with the roster, acquiring Jason Richardson and Jared Dudley from Charlotte while giving up Boris Diaw and Raja Bell.

The result: The Suns didn't make the playoffs.

This past offseason. Kerr traded Shaq to Cleveland for Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic, who were released and never on the roster.

The result: Suns make the conference finals but lost to the Lakers.

Despite his efforts, Kerr just couldn't put all of the pieces together to win a championship.

Give Kerr credit for this, though: the current Suns team, with Steve Nash, Robin Lopez, Richardson, Dudley, and Goran Dragic look to be playoff contenders for the next few years. In addition, Kerr also found a coach in Alvin Gentry to help maximize the Suns potential.

If the Suns do happen to win a title in the next few years, some credit must be given to Kerr for assembling the core pieces of this team.

Over his 15-year playing career, Kerr won five NBA titles as a member of the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs. One more would have been nice.

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