Steve Nash: "I'll Be Prime Minister One Day," in Response to Story He Is Leaving the Suns for Canadian Politics

In the aftermath of the New Times story, which revealed that Steve Nash was leaving the Suns this month to run for mayor of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (Provide Link), the Phoenix Suns blanketed both their official Web site and the Internet with denials that their star point guard was exiting.

But the truth was delivered by Steve Nash himself after last night's Suns-Spurs game. In response to a reporter's question about his canadian political ambitions, he replied "Obviously I'll be Prime Minister one day."

Our story is true. We have gone back to our sources both within the Suns organization and with former high-ranking Suns personnel and received nothing but confirmations about Nash's plans. We have double-checked all our Canadian sources and they also say it's a done deal.

After November 15 the remarkable Steve Nash will be gone so enjoy his wizardry while you can and please fill US Airways Center up for his final appearance that night as the Suns square off against the Denver Nuggets.

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Barry Friedman