Steve Nash's Nose Broken After Collision With Derek Fisher, Doctors Say -- That Happened Right Before He Cracked it Back Into Place

If you watched Steve Nash's nose collide with Derek Fisher's skull during last night's Phoenix Suns playoff win against the Los Angeles Lakers and don't think he's one of the toughest mother-effers to ever hold a basketball, watch it again.

If you're still not convinced, watch Grant Hill's reaction after having a look at the damage.

Should you need more convincing, watch as Nash -- rather than call over the trainer -- cracks his honker back into place.

The team announced this afternoon that Nash this morning saw a specialist who confirmed that the two-time league MVP suffered a minimally displaced nasal fracture and displaced cartilage.

In other words, a broken nose.


Despite the diagnosis, Nash practiced with the team this morning and is expected to play tomorrow night in game four of the series, where he says he won't be wearing a protective mask like the one that huge pussy Detroit Pistons shooting guard Richard Hamilton wears.

Nash, a seasoned veteran when it comes to broken noses, explained his decision to try to pop his schnoz back into place less than 20 seconds after breaking it by saying, "I was trying to move it while it was still fresh. I know that, once it sets, it's harder."

"I'm lucky. I've had a couple bumps or bruises that haven't affected my play," Nash told reporters this morning. "Those don't bother you. It's the ones that limit you that you hope you don't have to face."

A few more of those "bumps and bruises" and Nash will be lucky to have a face.

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