The 10 Hottest TV News Women in Phoenix: Readers' Choice

Listen, folks, some very difficult decisions had to be made last week for our list of the 10 hottest TV news women in Phoenix.

Since we don't disagree with many of our readers' suggestions of who deserved a top 10 ranking, we bring you the readers' choice listings for the 10 hottest TV news women in Phoenix (which, to be clear, says nothing of their alleged journalistic abilities).

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10.) Jill Monier, Fox 10

Bonus points for being an actual reporter.

9.) Mia Garcia, Fox 10

There's something attractive about rhyming first and last names, too.

8.) Heather Moore, CBS 5

Just telling it like it is.

7.) Kim Quintero, 3TV

One reason why guys around here always seem to know the seven-day forecast.

6.) Oralia Ortega, 12 News

Pro at posing with cute animals.

5.) Syleste Rodriguez, Fox 10

Is it just us, or does it seem like Fox 10 has a disproportionate amount of talent?

4.) Catherine Anaya, CBS 5

She runs marathons.

3.) Kristen Keogh, Fox 10

Facts: Her boyfriend's 5-foot-9, and his nickname is "Elmo."

2.) Tram Mai, 12 News

Disclaimer: Currently pregnant with twins.

1.) Stephanie Hockridge, ABC 15

We have no excuses for how Hockridge missed our initial list.

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