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Top 10 Arizona-Themed Halloween Costumes

Halloween's just a few weeks away, so we've got some Arizona-themed costume ideas for you.

Check out our top 10 picks for Arizona costumes:

10.) Teabagger

There's a reason there's a horror movie titled Red State.

-Create a misspelled nonsense sign like "Keep yer gubmint hands off my Medicare!"
-Use pliers to pull out extra teeth (you need only about six total)
-Prepare hysterical rants about Obama and why he's the new Hitler

9.) Cactus

Represent the only thing most people around the country know about Arizona.

-Get a cactus costume
-Consider a sexy cactus costume

8.) Alien

Arizonans have always had a strange obsession with aliens, and most people still aren't over the "Phoenix lights."

-Any ol' alien costume will do
-The Fife Symington costume would be most authentic

7.) Mormon

A common species of Arizonan. Hit 'em right in the stereotype.

-Bring along a kindergarten class full of children
-Wear the magic underwear
-The bicycle missionary is an easy one to pull off

6.) Jan Brewer

A lot easier than it sounds.

-Store-bought Leatherface or witch costumes will do
-The paper-bag method also works
-Pour a glass of scotch to accessorize

5.) Old Person

In addition to cacti, this is the other thing people know about Arizona.

-Death scent
-Golf cart
-Long, drawn-out stories with no point

4.) Gun Nut

Stand your ground this Halloween.

-More guns
-One or two more guns
-NRA bumper sticker

3.) Joe Arpaio/MCSO Deputy

This one's a real crowd-pleaser in the Latino neighborhoods.

-Get three friends with darker skin to be on your chain gang
-If that sounds racist, that's because it is, and that's the point

2.) Meth-Head

Another staple of the Arizona landscape.

-Just wear a zombie costume and carry around a meth pipe
-Use a meth-head mentality (like offering to have sex with a stranger in a public restroom in exchange for candy)

1.) The Sun


-Find a store-bought sun costume
-Carry around a space heater so people know you're the Arizona sun
-Try to make a "dry heat"

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