Wil Cardon Surges in the Polls Against Jeff Flake! (It Still Looks Like a Steamrolling)

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Wil Cardon's trailing fellow Republican Jeff Flake by 22 points in the latest poll of the primary race for the seat being opened by Senator Jon Kyl, and believe it or not, that's good news for Cardon.

After getting four percent of support in a poll in November, to 7 percent in February, Cardon now has 20 percent of support from people who answered the phone call from Public Policy Polling last week.

Flake's still up big, though, leading Cardon 42-20.

With one-third of the people polled still undecided, Cardon appears to have some sort of a shot.

Still, Flake's still dominating him for the most part.

Strangely enough, even though Cardon's been trying to appeal to the ultra-right-wingers in his campaign, the people who told PPP that they're "very conservative" liked Flake over Cardon 51-21.

On the other hand, the pollsters seem to think this is good news for Cardon.

"The big story in Arizona is Wil Cardon chopping more than 20 points off Jeff Flake's lead in the primary," PPP President Dean Debnam says in a release from the pollsters. "This race is starting to show some of the upset potential that has characterized many Republican Senate primaries over the last two cycles."

As for the prospect of facing off against Democrat Richard Carmona, Flake leads 48-35, and Cardon leads 46-35.

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