$10 Lunch at Fresh Mint Restaurant

Looking for a light and refreshing meatless lunch option but don't know where to go? Fresh Mint is a great option for both vegetarians and vegans.

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We had the green papaya salad, which features an array of raw thinly julienned vegetables and soy-based imitation beef, for $7.95. It's refreshing and light, but don't be tricked into thinking that this salad is going to be sweet just because it has papaya. It's not sweet at all. Instead, the salad has a hint of mint and juicy crunch from the vegetables and is topped with peanuts.

In addition, we had the fresh summer rolls, which cost $5.95. (You could fill up with either dish -- we were with a friend.) Cut into pinwheels and wrapped in rice paper, they are filled with thin noodles, carrots, mint, cabbage and tofu. On the side is a dish of peanut sauce that tastes home made. All the vegetables are raw, and while they are a little boring by themselves, they are great in combination with the sauce.

Our waiter identified himself as the co-owner of the restaurant and immediately sat us at one of the green booths by the window. After we commented on a picture of Hawaii hanging on the wall, he told us he had lived there for many years and happily talked about his experience there.

The restaurant itself is small but bright, both in the sense that it has several large windows and is painted a loud shade of green. Being family owned, the restaurant is run by mostly family. Mai Ly is the executive chef/co-owner/ wife of the gentleman who seated us, and the rest of the family does miscellaneous tasks around the eatery.

The food we had was light on the stomach and very satisfying considering the outside temperature. We only spent $15.19 on a lunch for two people. A light price for a light lunch, this vegetarian place deserves a spot on our cheap lunch list.

Fresh Mint 13802 N Scottsdale Rd, Suite 161 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 Phone (480) 443-2556 NW corner Scottsdale Rd & Thunderbird

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