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9 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a 'D' From the County Health Department in February 2016

From the popular French Grocery to a golf club in Sun City to a popular spot for tortas, a handful of local food outlets violated the county's health code last month. And the violations themselves ran the gamut, too, from hand-washing problems to temperature issues and more. 

Check our list:

French Grocery, Phoenix (5345 North 7th Avenue)

"Observed raw duck, pork, beef, and fish in vacuum-sealed bags in the walk in cooler. Manager states product is vacuum sealed using a homestyle-brand food saving machine and product is kept for 7 days. Raw product is removed from the bag for cooking, per manager. Reduced oxygen packaging of TCS food requires a variance. Discussed with manager and provided variance application at time of inspection."

Babbo Italian Eatery, Mesa (10726 East Southern Avenue)

"Observed several containers stored with the clean containers and a slicer that was stored that still had an accumulation of food debris still intact at the time of the inspection. Informed person in charge that these items must be clean to sight and touch when stored in this area. Items were set to be re-washed at the time of the inspection."

Union Hills Golf and Country Club, Sun City (9860 West Lindgren Avenue)

"Cold Holding. Milk, sour cream and blue cheese dressing measured between 48-49 degrees F in cooler outside of kitchen for unknown amount of time. Ambient air temperature measured to be between 47-49 degrees F. Manager voluntarily discarded items listed."

Southwest Key Programs, Phoenix (1201 South 7th Avenue)

"During the time of the inspection there was battered fish (Raw) over tortillas in the walk-in cooler. Spoke with PIC about proper food storage . The fish was removed from the cooler."

Aroma Express, Phoenix (3410 West Van Buren Street)

"Dried food debris was encrusted to the mandolin slicer under the prep table. Item was brought to the three compartment sink to be washed, rinsed, and sanitized. Employee cleaned slicer at time of inspection. Spanish liaison reviewed proper warewashing procedures, along with proper contact time with chlorine sanitizer."

Los Taquitos Mexican Food, Phoenix (4747 East Elliot Road, Suite 17)

"Found small to go-containers of red salsa and green salsa holding at 48' F near cash register area. All TCS foods must be held at 41' F or below at all times. According to PIC salsa was placed in area less than 1 hour ago. Salsa was moved to refrigerator for cooling."

Tortas Paquime, Phoenix (3024 West Van Buren Street)

"A number of food items in the freezer did not have covers and had a large accumulation of frost on the food. Please keep items covered to prevent miscellaneous sources of contamination."

Set Free Baptist Fellowship, Phoenix (1034 North 24th Street)

"An employee in the kitchen was observed washing hands in under 10 seconds. Informed person in charge about proper handwashing procedure for employees."

Denny's, Phoenix (5002 North 7th Street)

"During the time of the inspection there was a buildup of food and grease beneath the grills, have area cleaned as needed to prevent the buildup."

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