A Recipe For Pot Brownies

In this week's Forking column, C.M. Redding described the virtues and pitfalls of making and consuming that illustrious of narcotic desserts: the pot brownie. Follow the recipe below to make your own...you know...if you're permitted to have it for medical reasons.

- One package of any store brand or name brand brownie mix.
- 2/3 cup oil (substitute ½ pound pot butter)
- 3 tablespoons water
- 2 eggs
- 4 eggs
- 1 cup chocolate chips (optional for more chocolaty brownies)
- ½ cup walnuts (optional)
- 13x9 pan


The Key to pot brownies is the pot butter. Keep in mind it's been over 20 years since I've been around a batch of these magic morsels. What I do remember is removing all the stems and seeds and grinding the weed as fine as possible in a small coffee grinder. You want to add the weed to the butter and let it melt and on low heat for at least an hour stirring occasionally. Be very very very careful not to burn the butter!!! Keep on low heat and let the THC blend with the butter. After butter is melted you can pour it into your mix as the recipe calls for it. One can also put the butter in the fridge where it will harden and you can keep it for any recipe.

Most people are concerned with how much pot to use and how good of pot to use, if you have the kind bud save that dank stuff for your bong. Use your schwag or cheaper grass for the brownies. Last thing you want to do is dump $200 worth of sour diesel into a batch of brownies.

A ¼ bag of schwag should make some pretty potent brownies and a ½ ounce should put you in bed. The key here is to be smart about it. If you use a ¼ bag then you can eat more brownies at one time and if you use a ½ ounce or more then only eat a little.

Like all cooking you need to experiment with your recipe. I'd start with a quarter bag of mid quality weed and then cook it up. A batch of any box brownie mix should yield 12 good size brownies. Yes, it costs some money to make these little morsels but it's a fun way to medicate without being obvious about it. You can always Google pot brownies and there's a 100 different forums on the process.

There's nothing like a spring training game with a few brownies. If you have constant pain from a car accident or football injury this will make those hard seats more enjoyable.

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