Artichokes "Sizing Up Nice Now" at Farmers' Markets; Closing Date Correction

Update on last week's post about summer market closings: Next month, the market at the Trilogy Golf Course at Power Ranch in Gilbert will move indoors to the ballroom, switch to first and third Wednesdays, and hang in there through June (which means April 22 outside, and May 6 and 20 and June 3 and 17 in the ballroom).

You know this joke, right? (Just had to get that out of the way.) Yay for artichokes! They're the vegetable version of crabmeat, in a way -- enough of a challenge to dismember and eat in front of people that a lot of us don't bother to prepare them. You don't have to make your dinner guests crack their own crab legs or strip their own artichokes, by the way, but messy food can be a fun experience to share.

Frank Martin of Crooked Sky Farms says that we have "at least another six weeks" of plump, fresh artichokes at his market stalls to take home and play with. What else? "New red potatoes, and lots of Yukon gold, like creamer size. The regular things that we always have: spring mix . . . And we have purple carrots." Purple on purpose, we're assuming.

Crooked Sky Farms maintains stalls at Ahwatukee Farmers' Market on Sunday and Downtown Phoenix Public Market and Roadrunner Park Farmers' Market on Saturday.

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