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Beauty and the Beast-Themed Disney World Restaurant Will Serve Booze For Stressed Adults

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We apologize to any beleaguered parents out there but Disney has created a brand new way to separate you from your money via your spawn beautiful smiling children. But take heart, at least there will be adult beverages on hand, a first for just about any public Disney venture.

(Well, perhaps any Disney venture called Disney.... Apparently Walt didn't want booze served at his theme parks, and so with the exception of a private club, you still can't buy it at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. But that doesn't mean you can't grab beer, wine or even a margarita at next door's California Adventure. And don't get us started on the alcoholic offerings -- thank goodness -- at Downtown Disney.)

The Magic Kingdom at Disney's Florida resort is expanding their Fantasyland area. Part of that expansion is the addition of a new themed restaurant called, Be Our Guest. As any of you have had to throw your wallet into the "Disney Vault" to placate you children know, Be Our Guest is a reference to "Beauty and the Beast" and paranormal hospitality.

Either way, cynicism aside, the actual restaurant looks like it's shaping up nicely.

Be Our Guest will feature a "French inspired" menu. Diners can expect plates of mussels, mouse filled cream puffs but probably no foie gras or Ortolan.

During the day it sounds like the restaurant will serve fancy lunch food but it's only at night when it converts into a full service restaurant. No word on if your meal is brought to you by some poor soul trapped inside of an otherwise inanimate object by means of foul dark magic.

Be Our Guest doesn't open until November 19 but they are already taking reservations.

And here's the video of the Be Our Guest beverage manager promising and explaining wine and other alcoholic beverages.

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