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The 10 Best Coffeehouses in Greater Phoenix

Cafetal Coffee in Tempe uses beans brought from Colombia.
Cafetal Coffee in Tempe uses beans brought from Colombia. Tirion Morris
Coffee is an essential part of morning routines everywhere. But coffee done well is something really special. Rather than rushing out the door, it makes you slow down, sip, and smile.

There is an abundance of local shops in the Valley serving up solid, well-sourced, damn-good coffee. Some offer cold brew on tap. Others focus on beans flown in directly from Brazil or Colombia.

Of all the fine places to kick back and caffeinate in greater Phoenix, these 10 are our current favorites.

Provision Coffee

4501 North 32nd Street
It's hard to get a full view of Provision Coffee near Arcadia before you turn into the parking lot. Then, a large, metal prow comes into view, providing shade for customers sitting outside. The architectural space serves coffee from Guatemala and Burundi along with cocktails and food. Pick between the spiced honey mocha and the honey lavender latte, both made with the help of local bees, or enjoy loose-leaf teas and nitro cold brew. Whether you're looking for somewhere to snag coffee on your way to work, or a place to spend a lazy afternoon on the patio with your dog, Provision has got you covered.

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The Squash Latte at Valentine.
Tirion Morris


4130 North Seventh Avenue
Located in Phoenix’s Melrose District, Valentine occupies the front half of a vintage furniture store. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner but one of the best things on its menu is the coffee. In the squash latte, sweet, blended chunks of squash give the drink a thicker texture than one might expect from an iced coffee drink. But the earthy flavor blends well with rich espresso. The cajeta latte is a sweeter sip, yet equally enjoyable when lounging in the restaurant’s comfortable armchairs. Skip the morning rush with its lines of fashionable trendsetters, and visit in the afternoon. As servers set up for dinner service, the cafe empties and allows for the perfect place to sit with your laptop or book and savor a great cup of coffee.


909 North First Street
White walls, white tables, and you guessed it, white chairs decorate this minimalistic coffee shop in downtown Phoenix. Despite the decor, Futuro is full of bright flavors. Jorge Ignacio Torres opened the coffee shop in 2016 and since then, has been serving menus, entirely written in Spanish, that infuse flavors from his childhood. Favorites include the Lechera, an espresso drink made with sweetened condensed milk and piloncillo, or unrefined cane sugar and the Cafe de Olla, a cinnamon, anise, and citrus sip. For those looking for a little less caffeine, the cinnamon-filled horchata puts a spin on the classic. In 2021, Futuro was named the best coffeehouse in town in our Best of Phoenix competition.

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Nitro cold brew from local roaster Peixoto is on tap at the coffee bar.
Jacob Tyler Dunn

Peixoto Coffee Roasters

11 West Boston Street, #6, Chandler
Black-painted walls and a sleek wooden bartop set the mood at this trendy coffee shop in Chandler. But the story behind it is as bright and flavorful as the drinks. Peixoto Coffee's quality reflect an uncommon maturity. The shop primarily roasts and serves coffee from owner Julia Peixoto Peters’ family farm in Brazil and photos around the shop highlight coffee fruit ripening, being harvested and processed. A simple painted map on one of the shop’s exposed brick walls puts things in geographic perspective. Peixoto serves a core menu of coffee staples, along with a rotating menu of seasonal specials. Summertime calls for the creamy coconut cold brew, while winter months make the perfect time to sip a hot, rich creation from this skillful coffeehouse. The espresso is dark, the drinks are creamy and the flavors are rich. One sip causes customers to close their eyes and enjoy.

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King Coffee in Tempe is the ideal hangout for students and locals alike.
Tirion Morris

King Coffee

1020 South Mill Avenue, Tempe
King Coffee makes the perfect student hangout near Arizona State University’s campus in Tempe. It certainly has all the hallmarks of a casual college-town cafe (artwork made by some dude’s friend? Hand-drawn posters for local house shows? Yes and yes.) But the coffee shop should be a regular on locals’ rotations as well. The open, airy space invites customers to bring a book or laptop and work at one of the large tables or from a vintage upholstered armchair. The coffee list serves the classics, which can be jazzed up with flavor syrups such as salted caramel or toasted marshmallow. The counter also displays a selection of muffins, scones, and snacks perfect for a study break, whether you’re a student or not.

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Bergies, the backyard-style coffee shop.
Lauren Cusimano

Bergies Coffee Roast House

309 North Gilbert Road, Gilbert
The best part about Bergies is the patio. In fact, it might be one of the best patios in the Valley. This coffee shop sits at the back of a large lot in historic downtown Gilbert. Customers can pop in and grab a drink before deciding where to sit outside. How about a stool by a small table? Maybe a rocking chair under a bright umbrella? Why not gather around a picnic table? When the weather cools in the fall, Bergies is the perfect place to forget about big chain stores and enjoy a locally made pumpkin spice latte. For coffee-lovers in the East Valley, Bergies is a down-to-earth space serving the freshest roasts and an array of exciting drinks. Brothers and owners Brian and Bruce Bergeson strive to achieve the perfect roast for each individual batch of beans, and the effort really shows.

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Old Town Peoria's modern coffee shop, Driftwood Coffee.
Driftwood Coffee

Driftwood Coffee

8295 West Jefferson Street, Peoria
Driftwood Coffee might be the most unexpected business in Peoria. Located in the heart of Old Town, among antique stores and auto garages, this modern, bright coffee shop, despite the contrast, is all about community. Owners Luke Bentley and Lance Linderman intentionally created a space where people can drink coffee, enjoy a meal, and just be together. That community-centered attitude is apparent in all that Driftwood does; including its use of locally roasted coffee. Their speed bar, touting espresso drinks, cold brew, and a hot and iced tea selection, is perfect for the early morning grind.


7105 East First Avenue, Scottsdale
FourTilFour, a little coffee shop tacked onto the corner of a repurposed house, is a hidden gem in Old Town Scottsdale. This tiny space features a roll-up garage door, a small counter, and standing room for a couple of customers to peruse the menu. After receiving a decadent lavender honey latte customers can retire to the patio, shaded with brightly colored umbrellas, or wander out into the garden, a serene space that makes the rest of the city wash away. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, the serenity is disturbed slightly by FourTilFour’s weekly car shows. Check out the online calendar to find the theme of the week, which ranges from Porsches to motorcycles. Peruse the shiny wheels with a truly quality coffee in hand.

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Trans Am Cafe is a quirky space filled with local art.
Tirion Morris

Trans Am Cafe

1506 Grand Avenue
It’s easy to miss Trans Am Cafe, a little coffee shop located just north of the buzzy section of Grand Avenue near downtown Phoenix. But this coffee shop is worth crossing Roosevelt Street to find. Located along the six-point intersection where Grand Avenue transects the city, the building that holds Trans Am is a strange, triangle slice of a space. But it only adds to the quirkiness. Paintings from local artists plaster the walls, draped with meandering greenery. One table doubles as a chess board. Others are surrounded by mismatching chairs. The coffee here, whether served iced or hot, packs a punch. Rich flavor and strong caffeine double for the ultimate pick-me-up.

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A map at Cafetal Coffee shows the journey the beans make from the owners' family farm in Colombia to Tempe.
Tirion Morris

Cafetal Coffee

777 South College Avenue, Unit 101, Tempe
Similar to Peixoto, Cafetal Coffee is another "crop to cup" style shop in the Valley. This Tempe cafe serves coffee imported from the owners' family farm in Colombia. Family photos decorate the walls along with a large mural of a map showing the journey across the Americas that the coffee travels. A small food menu reflects the family's roots, including empanadas and arepas served with fresh salsa.  This Tempe hangout is perfect for students doing homework or locals looking for a comfortable spot to sip from a large mug filled to the brim with rich coffee. Settle into a table, snack on some empanadas, and watch as regulars chat with owners that know both their names and orders.
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