Brew Review: Roosevelt House Ale

By Jonathan McNamara

Before pineapple was packaged in fruit cups or placed next to Canadian bacon on stuffed-crust pizzas, it was a symbol for “welcome.” Take a look at the older towns on the East Coast and you’ll see pineapples built right into the architecture.

It makes sense then that the Roosevelt, a bar whose wooden floors and high ceilings make it feel like a part of the East Coast right here in the desert, would have a house beer that tastes of pineapple.

Now you may think that you know where this review is headed, but refrain from clicking off to read “Budget Beat” or something and remove those Del Monte notions from your head. The Roosevelt House Ale does taste of pineapple but in a remarkably good way.

New Times fans will remember that the Roosevelt House Ale won a "Best Of Phoenix" award last year. Journalistically speaking, it's important to do your own reporting. So despite the glowing review this beer has received from my comrades, I decided to judge for myself. Hey, when "reporting" consists of downing a pint how can I resist?

Tastes: like a citrus disappearing act. You’ll smell the tart citrus taste before it hits your tongue. When it does you’ll see what I mean about the pineapple flavor for a brief moment. At the back end of each sip, the pineapple notes disappear replaced by a satisfyingly hoppy flavor.

Goes with: Well, pub food for starters. This is a strong flavor that will balance well with a sloppy joe, tomato soup or a grilled cheese. It's no secret that the Roosevelt House Ale is produced by Four Peaks Brewery and like their other brews, its robust flavor should pair well with just about any delicious morsel you throw its way.

I got mine: at about 6 p.m. on a Wednesday and it was a welcome addition to my day. You can get yours there too. If you haven’t been to the Roosevelt, check it out at 816 N. Third Street in Phoenix.

Verdict: I’d love to stay and chat, but I simply must get down to the Roosevelt for another glass of the house.

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