Burger Daze Returns to Liberty Market in Gilbert For The Month Of August

August is just around the corner, and for Gilbert diners that means burgers. Starting on Monday, August 1, Liberty Market in Gilbert is bringing back its annual Burger Daze event, during which you can try a new, specialty burger each day from the first to the last day of the month.

The burgers show off creative flavors, international styles, and different meats including Liberty Market’s natural ground chuck, five-spice pork, and boneless chicken wings. 

Customers who buy 10 different burgers during Burger Daze will receive a $50 gift card to Liberty Market,, and those who buy all 31 burgers will receive a $250 gift card. Just make sure you save your receipts to earn these prizes.

Here's what the lineup looks like this year:
  • August 1, Coffee Burger: coffee-rubbed, smoked gouda, candied bacon, red onion cream, Hawaiian bun.
  • August 2, Dossant Burger: maple bacon dossant bun, Farm at Agritopia egg, havarti.
  • August 3, The Hump Burger: griple 4-ounce patties, habañero-barbecue, havarti, matchstick Boar's Head ham, griddled red onions, potato bun.
  • August 4, Pasta House Burger: pasta, fresh mozzarella, marinara, Parmesan, basil-garlic, ciabatta bun.
  • August 5, Chicken Wing Burger: boneless chicken wings, Franks Red Hot®, blue cheese and celery (plus a drizzle of blue-cheese dressing), onion bun.
  • August 6, Hangover Burger: roasted short rib, fried Farm at Agritopia duck egg, Parmesan, choice of Bloody Mary or Golden Monkey beer, pretzel bun.
  • August 7, Breakfast Burger: fried Farm at Agritopia egg, American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, breakfast potatoes, English muffin.
  • August 8, Asian BBQ Pork Burger: Five-spice pork, Asian slaw and Sriracha aioli, crispy wontons, chile sauce, steamed bun.
  • August 9, Bagel Burger: chipotle cream cheese, Canadian bacon, tomato, onion, chives, everything bagel.
  • August 10, Black Bean Burger: house-made black beans, pico de gallo, sliced avocado, and queso fresco-jalapeño ciabatta.
  • August 11, Grilled Cheese Burger: American cheese, bacon tomato in between two grilled cheeses with havarti and muenster cheeses.
  • August 12,  Kal Bi Burger: topped with Korean-style grilled short ribs and sautéed vegetables (shiitake, baby bok choy, bean sprout, carrots), egg bun.
  • August 13, Brie and Apple Burger: Sliced brie, caramelized apple crisps, arugula, whole-grain honey mustard sauce, demi baguette.
  • August 14, Hamsteak Burger: topped with griddled Boar's Head® hamsteak, American cheese, tomato and fried Farm at Agritopia egg, ciabatta bun.
  • August 15, Brew Burger: three slices of swiss, lettuce, tomato, onion, and beer steak sauce, pretzel bun, served open faced.
  • August 16, "Boy Howdy"Burger: Fried onion rings, smoked cheddar, spicy barbecue sauce, Texas toast.
  • August 17, Veggie Burger: Grilled portobello, jalapeño chips, oven-fried avocado, green goddess dressed spring mix, potato bun.
  • August 18, Chainsaw Chili Burger: chili, shredded cheddar, sour cream, green onions, kaiser roll.
  • August 19, Hawaiian Burger: grilled rum-roasted pineapple, crispy Spam, teriyaki sauce, green onions-Hawaiian bun.
  • August 20, Poutin Burger: oven fries, cheese curds, brown gravy, parsley, kaiser roll.
  • August 21, Uncle Louie Burger: chopped bacon, avocado, Russian dressing, crab salad, pretzel roll.
  • August 22, Chorizo Burger: chorizo/beef blend patty, lime slaw (cabbage and lettuce based), cilantro, cotija, bolillo.
  • August 23, "Potato skin" Burger: crispy crushed red potatoes, cheddar, bacon, sour cream, chives, cheese bun.
  • August 24, Peanut Burger: chopped candied bacon, chips, peanut butter, savory waffle bun.
  • August 25, Barcelona Burger:creamy manchego, romescu, kale-pine nut salad, pan basico.
  • August 26, Enchilada Burger: chili-cheese enchiladas and sauce, diced tomato, shredded lettuce, cheddar, jalapeño ciabatta.
  • August 27, Beef Wellington Burger: house-blended beef, duxelle, crispy red potatoes, red wine gastrique, chives, brioche (served open faced).
  • August 28, Roy Rogers Burger: buttermilk-fried chicken, barbecue sauce, coleslaw, parsley, kaiser roll.
  • August 29, German Burger: flaky pastry stuffed with seasoned ground beef, swiss, onions, kraut, wholegrain dijonaise, lettuce, tomato, onion, pastry bun.
  • August 30, Turkey and Kale Burger: turkey patty, swiss, tomato, lemon aioli, kale cranberry salad, Texas toast.
  • August 31, Santa Fe Burger: spicy con queso with roasted chilies and corn, shredded lettuce, jalapeño ciabatta.
For more information, check the Liberty Market website

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