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"Butter," A Comedy About Butter Sculptures

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"Butter" is a comedy centered around one little girl's (Yara Shahidi) attempt to topple a butter sculpture dynasty at the state fair. Jennifer Garner plays the opposition, the butter carving wife of a champion butter carver (Ty Burrell), who entertains dreams of political greatness beyond the butter sculptures. It seems reasonable to expect a creamy blend of awkward humor, political commentary and feel-good moments. We'll be shocked if we get out of this movie without seeing at least one sports movie-style montage of Shahidi's character improving her skills as a butter carving rock star.

Also Olivia Wilde appears to be playing a mentor stripper which should excite a certain demographic to no end.

Perhaps the most amazing part about "Butter" isn't that someone appears to have made a heartwarming movie about butter but that it was not directed by Christopher Guest. While this movie forgoes the mockumentary style of "Best in Show" and "A Mighty Wind" it seems to be working off the same basic formula: Neurotic and passionate competitors duke it out for supremacy at a big show and all the other cracks in their lives become apparent to great comedic effect.

In case you were wondering, butter carving is both a very real thing and kind of a big deal where it's popular. Forming butter in molds is something we've apparently been doing since shortly after domesticating cows but butter sculpture as stand-alone art only became a thing at the end of the 1800's. This seems largely to correlate with the rise and proliferation of refrigeration and ice production. Clearly there wasn't a lot of full-size cow butter sculptures before they could be placed in giant refrigerated rooms.

Release date: October 5.

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