Cafe Posada in Gilbert Closing This Month

Minus one Mexican restaurant from the city of Gilbert after this month. Cafe Posada is shuttering.

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The casual Mexican eatery on Ray Road owned by Oscar and Susan Lee first opened in 1999. The Lees sold Cafe Posada in 2007 then bought it back again in 2009. But now, Oscar Lee tells me, it's time to say goodbye.

"I did something that probably wasn't smart to do as a business man, but it was the right thing to do," Lee says.

Lee's talking about letting his staff know a month in advance that the restaurant would be closing, letting them make the decision to leave or stay until the end. He tells me he'd like to stay open until the end of this month, but if he doesn't have enough staff to do so, he'll close earlier.

"I tell my customers not to worry," Lee says. "I'll probably be at the Gilbert Farmers Market sooner or later selling my salsa."

A message from Lee on the restaurant's Facebook page had this to say:

"Well, since the new owner of the property put that HUGE sign in our front yard, it's not a secret anymore! We are closing Cafe Posada this month . . . no exact day yet, so stop by and taste the love one more time and say goodbye. Thank you for your support!"

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