Cafe: Windsor

Cafe: Windsor

We are always in the mood for bar staples done right. Kicked up versions of classic pub grub make the beer all the sweeter. From the sound of this week's Cafe column though it appears Windsor's take on bar food like pulled pork, fondue, and corn dogs could use a little adjustment.

Food Critic Laura Hahnefeld on Windsor:

Fondue seemed like it would be a good time, too. But thin, dry pieces of pulled pork, clearly not fondue-friendly, fell helplessly into a communal pot of ho-hum melted cheese. Thankfully, the dish's tasty chunks of pretzel bread, courtesy of MJ Bread, came to the rescue.

The most frustrating starter was the Smorgasbord. Its array of smoked salmon, kale chips, hummus, and even a hard-boiled egg suffered under a heavy-handed amount of salt; and the pickled veggies simply proved too acidic to consume. A white bean dip in the middle of the platter didn't seem to complement any of the offerings and further added to this dish's disappointment. My guests and I left most of the platter untouched...full story

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