Caffiend: Copper Star Coffee's Coconut Mocha

There's something about old, recycled gas stations we just love. Maybe it's the quaint feel of days gone by, or the security of being surrounded by hearty brick-and-mortar, but whatever it is, Copper Star Coffee's got the cute, indie coffee cafe vibe down pat. The place still features  gas pumps in the drive-thru area, and the interior is a cool mix of gray brick and burgundy-red furniture. Original paintings by local artists adorn the walls, and the menu includes a variety of hot and cold drinks, pastries, and sandwiches. This week, we tried the Coconut Mocha (iced, of course).

Copper Star Coffee's Coconut Mocha
4220 N. 7th Avenue

The first thing we noticed about the iced Coconut Mocha were the streaks of dark chocolate syrup striped throughout the drink. Not surprisingly, the mocha itself tasted strongly of chocolate -- more chocolate than coconut. Actually, we couldn't taste coconut in the drink at all, though we watched them put coconut syrup in it. Maybe they just went a little overboard with the chocolate, but the overall end effect was a mocha that tasted like a piece of coffee nip candy covered in chocolate. The brew was very rich and sweet, and we got a subsequent energy boost from the blend of coffee and sugar, but as with any sugar rush, there was a crash, too. What we wouldn't give for a cold, fresh coconut right now.

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