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Can You Tweet a Recipe in 140 Characters Or Less?

So, we were poking around on Twitter this morning (it's Monday), when we came across a challenge so intriguing that we had to pose it to you: Can you come up with a recipe that's 140 characters or less?

The idea is to compile a kind of virtual cookbook made only out of tweeted recipes that fit the site's guidelines, and we got it from the bespectacled singer/songwriter of "Stay" fame, Lisa Loeb (@lisaloeb4real).

She has already answered her followers' call and come up with one condensed formula. It looks like this: "healthy banana creme "pie"-dollop of 2%fage yogurt, 1/2 cold banana sliced, 1 TBSP (no sugar) toasted coconut, 1 panel graham cracker." And she has seven characters of breathing room.

Now, we've featured a few recipes on Chow Bella this summer, and none of them could have been squeezed into a nice, Twitter-sized entry. Or could they?

Now, we've been informed (thank you for your comment, Michelle) that there's a woman in Northern Ireland who's made this something of a career. @Maureen has made an art out of shorthand versions of not-so-simple recipes, and you can find her here. If you can decipher her code (her most recent post reads: "Ramen Salad: toss3c shred cabbage/c sprouts/5T peanutoil&scallion/T tamari&vinegr/pkg ramen spice/s+p. Top w pkg ramen/c tst almond; chill .") you've hit a gold mine of constantly updating recipes. 

Use it as inspiration. If you think you're up to the challenge, tweet your recipes here: @laurengilger or leave them as comments below.

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