Cartel Coffee Lab Gets National Attention in New Square Ad

Maybe one of the first times we were ever exposed to the Square P.O.S. system was at Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe. This was before the Scottsdale or downtown Phoenix locations of the coffee shop ever existed and our signature on the iPad screen looked like that of a toddler trying to put a large cold brew on our tab. It makes sense then that Cartel was chosen to be featured in a national ad campaign for Square targeting small-business owners in the food and beverage world.

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The new Square ad will run nationally in 30-second spots on different channels like ESPN, USA, and TBS as well as 15-second pre-roll ads on YouTube and other video streaming sites. Can you spot the scenes that feature Cartel's flagship location in this short commercial?

While watching these shorter ads is kind of like playing Where's Waldo with shots of Cartel interspersed amid other featured vendors, the campaign will also release more in-depth 90-second ads focusing on Square's three top sellers, one of which being Cartel.

However, just so you all know, Cartel also won Best Coffee Roaster in the 2014 Best of Phoenix edition, which is totally cooler than a few snippets in a national ad, right? Right, guys?

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