Celebrate Chipotle's 20th Birthday with a Chance to Win Free Burritos

To celebrate Chipotle Mexican Grill's 20th birthday, the burrito HQ has invited fans to join on a 20-day "Adventurrito" puzzle contest to win free burritos.

The game has already started, but it's not too late to get in on the action.

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Fans can visit every day and see the puzzle that has unlocked for the day. Each player can attempt to answer the puzzle multiple times every day during the contest. The contest will run for 20 days and end on August 1.

Each time a fan answers, correct or not, the fan is entered into a lottery to win burritos for a year. Then each day, 20 new people who have completed that day's puzzle will be selected randomly to win even more free burritos.

Each time a puzzle is answered correctly, the player will receive a medallion.

The grand prize comes on the last day of the puzzle contest where players can enter to win free burritos for 20 years. In order to be entered, a fan must be one of the first 20 people to complete the puzzle on the last day of the contest. To complete the puzzle, fans must have all 19 medallions from the days before. Once all 19 medallions have been collected, the last puzzle will unlock and players must solve that puzzle as well.

Confusing? A little. Worth it? Totally, if you are a member of the cult of Chipotle.

Players who refer their friends to play will receive an additional entry in the next daily puzzle lottery drawing. Also, by visiting a local Chipotle, players can unlock unique hint codes located at the bottom of the recipe.

Chipotle estimates the company will be giving away a total of 21,788 burritos during the puzzle contest.

Winners of the grand prize will be announced August 15.

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