Chef du Moo Farm Dinners coming to Superstition Farm

This month's four-course, farm-to-table feast, which takes place Saturday, April 17, will feature roasted vegetable salad, Cuban pulled pork sandwich with pineapple curried vegetables, chipotle-raspberry ribs with apple-tarragon coleslaw and a yet-to-be-announced dessert.

Farm owner Casey Stechnij says Johnson, chef at his Udder Delights ice cream shop in Gilbert, will prepare the first three courses Saturday, while Curry, chef at Caffe Boa, will handle dessert.

"Payton mentioned something about bacon and ice cream," Stechnij says.

At the next dinner on May 15,


the chefs will use the same ingredients, but Stechnij says Curry will do the first three courses and Johnson will create the dessert.

Chef du Moo dinners, held the third Saturday of each month in the working dairy's barn, are $40 per person for the meal only or $65 per person for a meal with selected wine pairings. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and dinner starts at 6:30.

Reservations are required and can be made online.

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Jess Harter
Contact: Jess Harter