Chris Bianco to Judge Game Day Chef Challenge -- Here's How You Can Enter

Here's a Chopped style challenge for you: go to your nearest Chevron or Texaco station, find some ingredients, and make a tasty creation worthy of a chef's palate. Well, if you're not a pro chef already, here's your chance to whip something up that Chris Bianco will taste. The Chevron Game Day Chef Challenge is a competition in Arizona, California, Washington, and Oregon where home cooks create dishes using gas station fare all for a big cash prize.

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Do you have what it takes to turn gas station food into tasty recipes? Well, it's time to bring out your A game and cook a dish that includes either a beverage, candy, sweet snack, salty snack, or healthy snack purchased at a Chevron or Texaco.

The 15 recipes that get the most votes on the website will go on to compete in the regional challenge, which will be judged by chef Chris Bianco and two former NFL players who currently live in the Valley.

If you're interested in entering, photos and recipes must be submitted by September 30 in order to be considered for the regional competition, which takes place on October 26 at University of Phoenix Stadium. You can check out all of the rules and vote for current entries on the Game Day Chef Challenge website.

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