Cookies and Creme Cookie Butter Might Be the Most Addictive Thing at Trader Joe's

The Guilty Pleasure: Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter Where to Get It: Trader Joe's Price: $3.69, are ya out of your mind? What it Really Costs: Like you needed more fattening food around for the holidays.

One of my very favorite treats to have around the house is Biscoff Spread. In case you aren't familiar, it's a spread with the consistency of peanut butter or Nutella, but is made out of European spice cookies.

I've seen some variations on the product, but none have quite come close to the allure of brand-name Biscoff Spread. Trader Joe's has their own private label version, simply called Cookie Butter. It's good, but it doesn't hold a candle to the real deal.

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They even tried to up the ante by making a combination spread that has stripes of both cookie butter and chocolate spread. I found it better in theory than in practice, with the two flavors not quite marrying as well as they should.

Recently, someone at Trader Joe's got the right idea, and flew under the Biscoff radar. They now have a cookie spread made from chocolate sandwich crème cookies.

While the label design is strongly evocative of the ones for their Oreo-style Joe-Joe's sandwich cookies, it's not made specifically from Joe-Joe's. It's a two-component spread, primarily chocolate cookie butter with a swirl of crème filling.

Naturally, this works brilliantly well. The chocolate spread has just a little bit of cookie crunch. It's enough to remind you that you're eating something made from cookies, but not so much that it suffers the gravelly texture of the crunchy variety of Biscoff Spread. The crème filling is a little softer than your average cookie filling, all the better to spread it on things.

But what to spread this near-magical stuff on? There's few things I wouldn't want to spread it on. My main instinct is to dip salty things into it, such as pretzels or pita chips. Really, anything wheat-based is going to be lovely.

That said, my usual method of consumption is much the same as Biscoff Spread. Just grab a spoon and have a sneaky nibble right from the jar.

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