Cooking School Secrets: Reality Checks

I'm coming face-to-face with things I never expected.

My hands have morphed. They've got nicks, cuts, punctures and burns that make daily tasks like shampooing and squeezing a lemon borderline torture. I have pretty much forgotten what they look like without band-aids and finger condoms. Plus no amount of moisturizer seems to make a difference in their new texture.

Even more surprising: Not all chef students are foodies. Several have never tasted bleu cheese, seen an oyster or heard of a truffle. I was blown away until I remembered this is really just a career-training program.

Chefs say some surprising things. I wish some weren't true. At the top of my list:

  • We used to hide the roast beef when the Health Department came around.
  • Chefs have very high rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, amputation and suicide.
  • Fat's our friend. Fat is flavor.
  • Velveeta's your best choice for a queso-type dip.
Ever wanted to know what it's like to go to culinary school? Here's your chance, as one local wanna-be-chef tells tales out of school. Check back soon for the next installment of "Cooking School Secrets."

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