Guilty Pleasures

Doritos' Locos Tacos Doritos (Wait, What?) and Lay's Dill Pickle: Chow Bella Taste Test, Part 2

The Guilty Pleasure: More Frito-Lay mass-produced chip goodness. Where To Get It: Your favorite grocery store. Price: About $3 What It Really Costs: Explaining the new Doritos flavor countless times.

If you tuned in last week, you found out my weakness for the snack aisle, and what happens when I avoid it for a while. Readers' Digest version: There was a chip avalanche at Chow Bella HQ. This week, there's even more strangeness from Lay's in the form of pickle-flavored potato chips. But first, it's a privilege to introduce to you the weirdest chip concept I've ever seen.

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