Dr. Andrew Weil Offers Sage (and Tofu) Advice at True Food Kitchen

It was standing room only last Thursday at True Food Kitchen at the Biltmore, where nutrition and health expert Dr. Andrew Weil weighed in on healthful breakfast options and answered audience questions about everything from vitamin deficiencies to quinoa (which isn't a grain as most people think, but is in the beet and chard family). 

The audience lapped up his tips like a strawberry-soy smoothie, many of which were based on his famous anti-inflammatory diet pyramid.

Dr. Weil (left) with Chef Michael Stebner, who whipped up a tofu and soy chorizo scramble for the audience.

Lest you think Dr. Weil's diet means resigning yourself to tofu and rabbit food, he's quick to point out that he loves leftover Chinese food and cold pizza just like everyone else. The trick? These two supposedly "bad" foods can be part of the two most healthful diets on the planet: the traditional Asian diet and the Mediterranean diet. 

More tips and a Q&A with Dr. Weil, after the jump...    

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Wynter Holden
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