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Fate Brewing Co. Opens Second, Larger Location in South Scottsdale

Fate Brewing Company opened a second location of the popular brewhouse over the weekend, this time in South Scottsdale. The original brewery opened two and a half years ago in North Scottsdale and has become known for producing craft brews at breakneck speeds. 

The new location stems from what founder Steve McFate refers to as “a great problem to have”  — a need to keep up with demand. The new location will have the ability to produce 3,500 to 4,000 barrels of craft brews annually, as compared to the 511 produced at the North Scottsdale location last year. Fate South, as McFate's dubbed the new brewery, comes in at 11,000-square-feet, which includes an 800-square-foot barrel room designed for making those increasingly popular barrel-aged beers. In taking full advantage of the new space, Fate South will house 14 on-site tanks, or three and a half times more than the brewery has been using. 

The increase in space and equipment will also give the brewery the ability to have six to eight core brews on tap at all times, including local favorites such as the American Pale Ale, Double Oatmeal IPA, Hatch Chili Cream Ale, McFate Irish Red, and a Milk Stout series. The space also allows for eight or nine rotational taps, which McFate assures will be, “Sometimes seasonal and sometimes just pure playfulness.” (Fans might recall the Beet Saison Fate tapped this past year and the Candy Bar Milk Stout, a silver medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.)

With help from Adam Schmeichel, Fate's brewer, the brewery's tapped 170 varieties in the two and a half years; that’s a new rotation almost each week, something McFate says is a signature of Fate Brewing and something he wants craft brew fans to come to expect from his brew pub.

“If you come to visit my pub every other week, there’s going to be something new, something experimental, maybe seasonal-related — may just be that fun, playful beer," he says. "That’s where I want to make our mark, in the variety and rotation, while still maintaining our core brews that people can count on each time they come in.” 

The indoor/outdoor bar at Fate South will seat 50 guests and connect to a large patio and beer garden looking onto Scottsdale Road. The beer garden is partially covered and houses a bar and table seating. Large wooden benches line the perimeter and the uncovered portion contains a grassy area, which may include games and/or additional lounge-style seating in the near future. The patio will be pet-friendly. The indoor bar offers a view of a large walk in cooler, giving patrons a front row seat to watch the tanks being used to fill the glasses before them.

At Fate South, the idea of variety doesn't stop with the beer; the kitchen menu is expanding as well. In addition to the wood-fired pizzas, familiar to patrons of the North Scottsdale location, there will be burgers and fries, beer-battered cod, cheddar/Gruyere/mozzarella grilled cheese, a Reuben, a bistro melt, several salad choices, and a range of appetizers. The apps will include brewery favorites such as buffalo wings, but also poutine and a Fate original called Faux-caccia, a play on focaccia using pizza dough, hot oil and Parmesan.

Fate Brewing Co. South Scottsdale
1312 North Scottsdale Road, Scottdale

11 a.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursday
11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday
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