Forking: White Bean Chili

Facebook may be the saddest place on Earth (at least according to this week's Forking column) but a little white bean chili goes a long way toward making you forget about those hook-ups initiated by a friend request.

White Bean Chili

Ingredients: 1 lb White beans ; small, dried 6 cup Chicken broth ; (6 to 8 cups) 1 Onion ; diced fine 4 cloves Garlic ; minced 1 freezer tub Green Chiles ; hot, diced 1 lb Turkey breast ; ground 1 tbsp Cumin ; ground 1 tbsp Oregano 1/2 lb Jack Cheese ; grated 1 tomatoes Fresh, diced 1 cup Sour cream 1 cup Cilantro ; fresh, chopped

Instructions: Notes: Baca brand frozen chiles work well. Chicken breast can be substituted for turkey.

Wash beans. Soak overnight and drain. Cook beans in chicken broth for 2 to 3 hours. Saute onion, garlic and turkey in a skillet. After beans have cooked, add turkey mixture, green chiles and spices. Cook until flavors have integrated - about 1/2 hour. 10 minute prior to serving, add jack cheese and sour cream, or reserve jack cheese and sour cream for use as garnishes. Speaking of which, garnish with diced fresh tomatoes, diced scallions and chopped cilantro.


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