FourtillFour Coffee in Scottsdale: Four Barrel Beans, Porsche-Inspired Design

Blink, and you might miss the new Fourtillfour Coffee

That’s because the tiny shop, located at 7105 East First Avenue in Scottsdale and connected to the White House Salon Boutique (which, despite the name is actually a cooperative work space), is not much bigger than a New York City coffee cart. But despite its size, it’s worth taking a second look to find this Porsche-inspired, design-focused shop, where the beans are fresh and the espresso drinks, excellent.

Fourtillfour has only been open about three weeks, but the shop's already amassed quite a following on Instagram — more than 6,100 strong. Part of the reason is the owner’s devotion to Porsches. Before opening the Scottsdale coffee shop, Nico Samaras spent time collecting and restoring the classic cars, building a social media following in part through the hashtag "fourtillfour." The phrase has nothing to do with the shop's hours, but rather, refers to the Porsche 356, Samaras' favorite model — if read like a time of day, 356 also reads "four till four."  

Wanting to fuse his passions for Porsches and coffee, Samaras moved to Arizona six months ago, and Fourtillfour Coffee was born. The interior of the approximately 600-square-foot shop is decked out with Porsche posters and vintage-looking photographs, and a stylish Porsche from decades past is parked out front.

Samaras, who comes to the Valley by way of northern California, brings in beans from San Francisco's well-regarded Four Barrel Coffee and uses them to turn out a delicious classic cappuccino ($4). The shop's menu is as streamlined as its designed, with just a selection of classic espresso drinks and a snack available on the counter. On our recent visit, Fourtillfour had a handful of Greek cookies made by Samaras' grandmother available for sale, though the owner says he hopes to add a menu of toast to the mix sometime soon. 

Samaras also plans to host monthly Porsche meetups every first Saturday and make the shop a community space for both coffee enthusiasts and Porsche lovers. 

For more information, check out the Fourtillfour website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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