Gross Out: Finger Licking Bad at Saddle Ranch Chop House

We gotta hand it to restaurant inspectors for the first "theme report" we've seen since starting Gross Out.

A recent inspection, which earned Saddle Ranch Chop House in Glendale a "No Award" from Maricopa County, is all about hands. And fingers.

From the report:


"Employee observed to wash hands then pull dirty towel out of back pocket and dry hands wiht towel."

"Observed employee on cook line to dip gloved finger into sauce and lick sauce off of finger then continue to handle ready-to-eat foods."

"Observed latex gloves in-use in kitchen for food handling." (That's a no no.)

"No paper towels or approved hand-drying devices at handwash sinks in all bars."

At main bar observed bartender to put limes into drinks using bare hands."

"Hot water at handwash sinks in all 3 bars does not reach 110F."

"Handwash sink at main bar noted blocked with sanitizer bucket."

Hands down, we're grossed out.


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