Hungy Man, TV Dinners

Q.I like to watch TV while I eat. It drives my wife crazy, but I think I can get away with it if I can find a nice, upper-scale place that doesn't focus on bar food. She gets her fancy dinner, and I get my sports, is my thought.

A.You're a true romantic. You can fool her, if only once, at the new Jetz on Scottsdale Road south of Shea. Located in the former Seasons restaurant, the spot is drop-dead gorgeous, with a classy menu (wood-roasted chicken with chiles, peanuts and fire-roasted salsa; garlic port beef tenderloin; grilled salmon with hoisin berry glaze). But the place also boasts 18 TVs, including a bank of sets above an elegant semi-private dining section.

Q. What are bangers and mash? They sound like I'd get in trouble ordering them.

A. Right you should ask — the first time I went to England, I asked for knockers and mash, and the pub almost threw me out. Honest mistake. Bangers, though, are juicy English sausages served atop mashed potatoes with rich dark gravy. You can find the dish at The British Open pub in Papago Plaza at Scottsdale and McDowell roads.

Q.My boyfriend is a body builder and loves to get a lot of food on his plate. Who serves a ton of food for not a lot of money?

A.I'd find it hard to believe anyone could be hungry after downing a three-pound whole chicken, rubbed in tropical spices, slow cooked over a fire pit, slathered with Caribbean barbecue sauce and paired with a choice of two sides (spicy cottage cheese, coleslaw, corn on the cob, fries, Cuban black beans or creamed red potatoes). The price? $14.95. The place? Cocomo Joe's at Tatum and Dynamite.

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Carey Sweet
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