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Huss Brewing Company to Release Koffee Kolsch and The Husstler in Cans

Huss Brewing Company announced this week that brewery favorites Koffee Kolsch and The Husstler Milk Stout will become available in cans. Distribution statewide will begin next week, and the brewery plans to debut the new canned varieties at the Strong Beer Festival later this month

The Husstler Milk Stout, winner of a bronze medal at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival, quickly has become a favorite among craft beer fans and a permanent tap at the brewery. The sweet milk stout pours dark brown, setting off a roasted aroma, then offering hints of chocolate and a smooth, creamy finish.

The Koffee Kolsh is also a great beer, and one that confuses your senses in a delightful way. Though it pours very light in color, the aroma delivers notes of hazelnut and coffee more typical of a darker brew. It drinks crisp and clean with a flavorful display of hazelnut, vanilla, coffee and caramel. It's a fun, enjoyable brew and a must-try for craft beer fans.

Huss Brewing Company is owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Jeff and Leah Huss. Together, they have more than 20 years experience in the craft beer industry. Huss distinguishes itself as a production brewery with a small tasting room. From Magic in the Ivy, a nod to the Chicago Cubs and the Huss’ Midwest roots, to Scottsdale Blonde and That’ll Do IPA, a beer named for the couple's daugher's love of the movie Shrek, the Husses aim to keep things simple and produce the best stylistic beers they possibly can.

For more information, check the Huss Brewing Company website

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