Wake Up Call

Ikea Brews and Sells Not One, But Two Beers

Ikea, haven to college students looking for cheap furniture and Swedish meatballs, has introduced a new product for the masses (at least in the UK): Ikea beer with a name just as unpronounceable as any of their other products.

ÖL LJUS is a lager and ÖL MÖRK is a dark lager, both will run you £1.75 and has a 4.7% ABV. Even better, the users over at social beer review website Untapped seem to have formed a consensus that Ikea beer is surprisingly tasty.

The utility of selling alcohol at an Ikea might not be obvious to your average American, but consider the convenience of one-stop shopping for these two fine gentlemen:

Clearly the only way forward for a monumental announcement like this is simple. We need to embrace inebriated Ikea furniture assembly as more than an amateur hobby and instead elevate to a competitive event.

Ikea's beers are restricted to the UK for now, an only available inside their stores. But who knows? If they prove popular it's not impossible to imagine that they'll migrate to our shores sometime in the future.

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Ando Muneno
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