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Ikea Restaurants in Europe Stop Serving Questionable Balls Amid Horse Meat Scandal

Europe's horse meat scandal adds another questionable chapter as Ikea has pulled its popular Swedish meatballs from many of its European stores. And, yes, to answer the immediate question, Ikea does sell food: both frozen items and through its fairly popular cafeterias, including at the location in Tempe.

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Officials in the Czech State Veterinary Administration found traces of horse in frozen meatballs manufactured in Sweden. This prompted internal testing of exported meatballs, which is said to have found 170 kilograms of tainted meatballs.

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Thankfully, the tainted meat seems to be contained to Europe, for now. Swedish meatball lovers can consume with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the pork and beef that goes into U.S. Ikea meatballs are sourced from U.S. and Canadian farmers.

Ikea is probably the biggest-name corporation to take a hit from tainted meat, but it's not the only one. Nestle was forced to recall two of their frozen products, Buitoni Beef Ravoli and Beef Tortellini, over fears of contamination as well. Birds Eye withdrew a number of its frozen meals, too, after horse meat was discovered in its chili con carne.

European authorities appear to be getting to the bottom of the horse meat problem though. Several arrests have been made after UK regulators discovered that meat contaminated with horse painkillers had been shipped to France.

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