Jack in the Box New Bourbon BBQ Steak Grilled Sandwich (Finally.)

Geez Jack, take forever.

Since its introduction of the All-American Jack Combo in January, Jack in the Box has been whisper quiet on new fast food fare in 2011 -- until now. The Bourbon BBQ Steak Grilled Sandwich, the latest in Jack's line of grilled greasy goodness, is available for a limited time and (thanks to the high and rising cost of beef) will most likely be one of the few new beef offerings we'll see in fast food-dom this year.

The new sandwich features steak, grilled onions, American cheese, and bourbon BBQ sauce between two slices of grilled artisan bread. And while there's no actual bourbon (BOO!), Fry Girl's bitin' in anyway to see how it tastes.

Get the review and an actual shot of the sandwich after the jump.

Pros: The best thing? The bourbon. More specifically, the bourbon BBQ sauce. With a sweet, tangy taste that doesn't overpower, it complements the other ingredients nicely. I especially enjoyed how well the cheese flavor came through, which sometimes isn't the case with a strong sauce. The grilled bread wasn't too greasy, too dry, or (the worst) charred on the bottom and held the ingredients together like a champ resulting in a consistently good flavor in each bite.

Besides no actual bourbon (BOO!), this sandwich boasts 2,022 mg of sodium, so keep that large soda cup handy -- you're gonna need it.

Would Fry Girl Order One Up Again?:
Yup. I'm not a huge fan of the grilled sandwiches (just make it a burger, already), but the new Bourbon BBQ Steak Grilled Sandwich from Jack in the Box is a solid bet. And for around five bucks, you could do a lot worse.

What say you, Jack-o-Biters? Have you had the Bourbon BBQ Steak Grilled Sandwich from Jack in the Box? What did you think?

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