For New Year's Day, we resolved to take more walks in our neighborhood and try new things. That's how we ended up at Jobot Coffee downtown, sipping a cappuccino on a chilly Saturday morning.

Jobot was opened last October by John Sagasta, the same fellow who ran Conspire (now a tea and food place) across the street. We loved Conspire's java, and figured if Jobot's was the same (or even close), we'd love it. Well, it was, and we did.

Jobot Coffee's Cappuccino

Jobot's cappuccino is served in quaint coffee mugs, and with a hefty dose of froth and foam. We were impressed with the rich caramel color of our cappuccino, and it had just the right amount of foam (enough to sweeten the drink, but not so much that we had to wipe away a frothy mustache).

The taste was impeccable -- a perfectly balanced blend of heady coffee bean roast and creamy milk. We tried to sip it, but the cappuccino was so warm and tasty that we chugged it in just a couple minutes.

The caffeine kick wasn't as potent as that of an energy drink, but the cappuccino definitely put a spring in our step on our walk back home. We just might have to make a weekly habit of Jobot's now.

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