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June Restaurant D-List: When Keeping Food Stored Goes Wrong

June Restaurant D-List: When Keeping Food Stored Goes Wrong
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Every week, the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department grades restaurants after completing routine health inspections. A D grade means the establishment has committed three or more "priority item" violations (which can directly contribute to increasing the risk of foodborne illness or injury, according to the MCESD) or four or more "priority foundation item" violations (which are indirect). At the beginning of each month, Phoenix New Times rounds up the restaurants that received a D grade the previous month and excerpts hand-picked observations from the weekly reports, listed below.

Pitic Restaurant

1580 East Pima Street, #108

“Observed an employee handling dirty dishes with ungloved hands while spraying food debris off the dishes. The employee then put on gloves and began handling clean dishes with their gloved hands without washing their hands.”

“A plate of raw beef was stored on a wire rack shelf directly above open packages of ready to eat tortillas and avocados. Additionally, a loose bag of raw beef was stored in a prep fridge on top of several loose bags of ready to eat machaca.”

“A prep line fridge was out of temp, and all items inside the fridge were out of temp.”

Federico's Mexican Food

14144 North 100th Street, Suite B100, Scottsdale

“Observed an employee touch raw beef with gloved hands, and then immediately touched a ready to eat grilled tortilla with the same gloved hands without handwashing in between. “

“Observed a spray bottle marked "water+bleach" in the food prep area with a chlorine concentration of 200+ppm. All chlorine sanitizer solutions made by a food service establishment MUST be maintained with a chlorine concentration between 50-100ppm. “

click to enlarge Ruchi Indian Cuisine in Chandler was one of 10 area restaurants to make this month's D-list. - JACOB TYLER DUNN
Ruchi Indian Cuisine in Chandler was one of 10 area restaurants to make this month's D-list.
Jacob Tyler Dunn

Ruchi Indian Cuisine

2051 West Warner Road, Chandler

“Observed no paper towels available at handwashing sink in kitchen. “

“Observed open bait stations and baited glue traps in dry storage and underneath warewashing sink. Boxes of rodent traps were also observed under propane grill. Person in charge removed all traps at the time of inspection. “

China Wok

2948 East Bell Road, #103

“Raw chicken and raw shell eggs being stored above cooked rice in reach-in cooler in kitchen area, raw items were moved to bottom shelf at time. “

“Internal temperatures of items in prep top cooler measured in degrees F: cooked chicken- 47, raw beef- 47 cooked and raw shrimp- 49 cooked noodles- 49. “

La Santisima

5932 West Glendale Avenue, Glendale

“Single door reach-in cooler had the following TCS items with an internal temperature of 57-61'F: pico de gallo, various salsas, various cooked meats, raw beef, shredded cheese, and beans.”

“Sanitizer bucket had chlorine concentration of 200ppm. Bucket was diluted to bring to a concentration near 50ppm. Chlorine sanitizer shall have a concentration of 50-100ppm. ”

“A can of energy drink was being stored in ice machine. Person in charge removed can and discarded ice that had been in contact with can. Ice that is meant for human consumption shall not be used as an exterior coolant."

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The Wild Thaiger

2631 North Central Avenue

“A metal pan of raw ground pork were stored on a wire rack shelf directly above a metal pan of ready to eat pork ribs. A metal pan of raw ground chicken was stored directly above a metal pan of fully cooked ready to eat chicken.”

“Fried tofu and grilled chicken were hot holding in a steam well and had internal temperatures between 85-132*F.”

“The establishment's walk-in fridge had an internal ambient temperature of 53.6*F and several perishable foods were out of temperature.”

Taco Mich & Bar

1602 East McDowell Road

“A metal pan of raw bacon was stored directly on top of a metal pan of ready to eat hot dogs. A bag of raw chorizo and a metal pan of raw fish were stored on a wire rack shelf directly above open containers of ready to eat salsa.”

“Many items in the establishment's walk-in fridge were out of temperature.”

Carniceria Agave LLC

3525 West Southern Avenue, #144

“Observed food service employee handling trash then shift tasks to helping a customer and handling a food order without washing hands.”

“Observed concentration of chlorine sanitizer in kitchen 3-compartment sink below 50ppm."

Siu Wok

2801 North Central Avenue

“A metal bowl and a plastic bag of raw chicken were stored above open containers of both raw shrimp and ready to eat shredded cabbage.”

“The establishment's walk-in fridge was not holding an appropriate cold holding temperature, and several items in the walk-in fridge were out of temperature.”

Plaza Mexicana Carniceria Del Pueblo

2644 East Greenway Parkway

“Observed raw ground beef being stored on shelf above open containers of raw shrimp in walk-in cooler. shrimp was moved to a higher shelf at time.”

“Observed employee washing saucepan and utensils with soap before rinsing them off for immediate use, instructed employee to sanitizer wares after cleaning and before use.”
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